Get Ready for International Family Equality Day 2018!

International Family Equality Day (IFED) is a global celebration of LGBTQ families. Once again, Family Equality Council is excited to be partnering with families, parent groups, agencies, and community centers across the world to celebrate IFED 2018!
In the Northeast, the Somerville, MA IFED celebration has quickly become a fixture in the spring line-up of family-friendly, outdoor events in the area. With fabulous local entertainers and kid-friendly entertainment, Somerville IFED welcomes all families into a space where their diversity can be celebrated. It is meaningful to rainbow families and allies alike in that it foregrounds love and celebration, and focuses on ways to bring us all together. At the same time, it brings awareness to the range of family structures and ways families can be chosen, built, and made, and how important – and beautiful! – “it is when we are all given space to be ourselves”. If in the area, join the fun at 12pm at Seven Hills Park Somerville in Somerville, Massachusetts.
In the South, Family Equality Council is excited to partner with Rainbow Roundup, Equality Texas, and Trans Kids and Families of Texas in celebrating International Family Equality Day (IFED)! They will celebrate IFED 2018 with a picnic in the park while the kids enjoy playing on the playground, building sand castles, getting their faces painted and so much more. Rainbow Roundup’s IFED events are known for creating welcoming, fun, family-friendly spaces.  The event is also a great way to remind people that there are lots of ways to be an ally and activist. The first step is to show up. If in the area, join Rainbow Roundup at 4 pm at Heights Park in Richardson, Texas.
For children of LGBTQ parents, it is especially important to see their families celebrated, and to be offered space to connect with friends in families similar to their own. At a time when we continue to fight for full equal rights in our communities and the workplace, having affirming spaces that are rooted in positive messages, loving language, and good ol’ fashioned jump-around, blow-bubbles fun could not be more necessary and powerful. IFED allows families to be visible while engaging and connecting with the community. When we band together, our voices are united, and we can make a difference. Our children today are leading the way in standing up, speaking out, and advocating for their own rights. IFED globally honors the beautiful rainbow families to celebrate diversity and awareness. Together, our shared stories are changing the lives, hearts, and minds of others.