A Letter to Our Supporters, as 2018 Approaches

Dear Family Equality Council friends, supporters, and donors,

Looking back at my message to our supporters this time last year, I wrote:

“Do we face a difficult political future? Without a doubt.”

I wasn’t wrong.

This time last year, in that turbulent period between the 2016 election and the inauguration in January, we scrambled to adjust to a new political reality, and in the months since January, that turbulence has not decreased. Our nation’s political landscape has shifted dramatically, and the Trump-Pence Administration’s disregard for LGBTQ people has trickled down into communities across the country, leading to a new wave of attacks on LGBTQ rights.

In spite of this, last year I was optimistic about our future. I remain optimistic today.

Thanks to you, Family Equality Council has had an incredibly successful year. New Board members and staff have joined our team, and we’ve updated our mission and strategy to reflect the new political reality we faced this year.

Family Equality Council is going into 2018 strong. However, your support is critical for our continued success.

  • Your donation helps us remind America what real family values look like.
  • Your donation raises the voice of LGBTQ families in front of elected officials in statehouses across the country, and on Capitol Hill.
  • Your donation helps us ensure that ALL LGBTQ people who dream of forming a family can overcome the obstacles that lie in their way.

We’ll be here for you in 2018, and today I ask that you make your year-end donation Family Equality Council by December 31. Every dollar counts.

On behalf of the whole Family Equality Council team, I thank you for standing with us, and I wish you a Happy New Year.

The Reverend Stan J. Sloan, CEO

P.S. If you’ve already made you 2017 year-end donation, please consider sharing our appeal on Facebook or Twitter!