Episode #10: Donor Siblings: Creating Families and Relationships

In this month’s episode of Family Equality Council’s Outspoken Voices Podcast, we’re talking about using sperm donors, and the unique families and relationships that can emerge when “donor siblings” come into contact. We talk with Scott Brown from California Cryobank, Amber Leventry, a writer and parent from Vermont, and Emily McGranachan, Family Equality Council’s East Coast Regional Manager.

Meet Our Guests

Scott Brown is Director of Client Experience for the California Cryobank. In this role, Scott strives to personalize and humanize the experience of using donor sperm for his clients. A regular speaker at LGBT family planning seminars around the country, Scott specializes in helping lesbian couples find the ideal anonymous sperm donor to help grow their families.

Amber Leventry is a writer and advocate. She lives in Vermont with her partner, the kids, and their attention deprived dog. Her writing appears on The Next Family, Parent.co, Scary Mommy, Babble, Ravishly, Huffington Post, and The Washington Post. She recently started Family Rhetoric by Amber Leventry, a Facebook page devoted to advocating for LGBTQ families one story at a time. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Emily McGranachan is the East Coast Regional Manager for Family Equality Council. She has been advocating for LGBTQ rights and families for over ten years, ever since first attending Family Week in 2003. Emily is also an avid volunteer within the LGBTQ community, supporting a number of movement organizations, and is the chair of Amnesty International USA’s LGBT Human Rights Specialist Group. Emily earned her BA at Mount Holyoke College in International Relations and Spanish and MA in Ethics, Peace and Global Affairs from American University in Washington, D.C. She lives outside Boston with her partner and enjoys running, reading, and spending time with friends and her wonderful LGBTQ family.