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Family Week in Provincetown, MA is the largest annual gathering of LGBTQ parents and their children in the world. For over twenty years hundreds of LGBTQ families have come together for this unforgettable week of events, workshops, and fun. Family Equality Council and COLAGE team up to create Family Week. In this episode we discuss what Family Week is and why it matters for so many families.  

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Meet Our Guests

Mary Foulk is an educator at heart and in professional practice. She holds degrees from Princeton and Columbia Universities. She lives with her wife, Alyson, and their two children, Grady and June. New to Family Week, they are excited for the adventures ahead and the opportunity to meet new friends.

Kaley Fry is a fierce southern genderqueer organizer who has been involved with COLAGE for the past four years as Family Week volunteer staff and 2015 Board Fellow. Raised in North Carolina, Kaley was brought to America by two loving moms, when they were 6 months old, from Lima, Peru. Kaley graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies from the University of North Carolina at Asheville and completed a Non Profit Management certificate program at Duke University. Kaley and their black lab currently live in Asheville, North Carolina.

Courtney Faria has been involved in COLAGE programming since the year 2000. She started coming to COLAGE programming at Family Week in Provincetown, MA when she was 10. Her mom had just came out as a lesbian, her biological parents got divorced, and she moved to a new town with her two younger siblings and her mom to live with her mom’s new partner. Courtney is second gen and grew up on Cape Cod and went to Smith College in Northampton, MA. She currently lives in Seattle with her partner who is also a second gen COLAGEr! 

Samantha Price is a high school sophomore from Massachusetts. She has two wonderful mothers and has attended family week for eight years now. Samantha is also a part of COLAGE’s Youth Advisory Board. She am so grateful to be a part of Family Week and for all the amazing families she have met!

Tonya Agnew is the former chair of Family Equality Council’s Midwest Advisory Council and lives in Lafayette, Indiana. She and her wife of 4 years — but 19 total years together — have two children, Jesse, a Marine, 24 years old and 13 year-old Leo. The family first experienced the life-changing magic of Family Equality Council events and programming a decade ago on an R Family cruise and have been involved with the organization ever since.

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