2017 Partnership Announcement: JOHNSON & JOHNSON® – CARE WITH PRIDE™

This year Family Equality Council is delighted to again partner  with CARE WITH PRIDE™, the LGBTQ support campaign led by JOHNSON & JOHNSON®. As LGBTQ families across the country step out to celebrate Pride Month, we are pleased to develop our relationship with the J&J family as they champion love, equality and care for all people in the LGBTQ community.

Here at Family Equality Council, we hear from families over and over what a difference it makes when they see their families reflected in public across the country, whether in the grocery store, on TV, or online. Seeing LGBTQ families included in the public image of such iconic American family brands as BAND-AID® Brand, JOHNSON’S®, and TYLENOL®  tells our families that these familiar, everyday names are on our side.

We hope you will join us in sharing the #carewithpride campaign with your family, friends, and co-workers on social media. As LGBTQ people and families are represented more frequently in the media, people are prompted to re-assess the innate bias that has marginalized LGBTQ individuals for so long. And the more people are aware of – and gently encouraged to examine – their own innate bias, the more we can collaboratively rally for positive change. We proud to have JOHNSON & JOHNSON® join us in this effort!