4 | What to Consider Before Typing the Knot & Starting a Family

In this episode, we talk with two professionals about the financial and legal considerations that LGBTQ individuals should contemplate before for getting married and/or starting a family.

We discuss the importance of financial planning, estate planning, the financial benefits of being married vs. not being married. Looking beyond marriage equality, we discuss the differences between and importance of second parent adoptions, step-parent adoptions and birth certificates. Our guests also give suggestions about how to have these conversations with your partner and discuss the importance of being proactive and open with these sometimes challenging topics.

Meet Our Guests

Darla Kashian is a financial advisor and former Family Equality Council Board Member. Darla was closely involved with the organization by sponsoring and presenting at Family Weekend in the Midwest for many years. She resides in Minnesota with her partners and two kids.

Elizabeth Schwartz is an attorney and member of the Family Equality Council Board of Advisors. She recently published her book Before I Do: A Legal Guide to Marriage, Gay and Otherwise. Elizabeth is currently featured in Family Equality Council’s Book Nook as our Author in the Spotlight. Elizabeth lives in Miami with her wife, writer Lydia Martin, and their rescued Havanese, Gracie Kenisha de la Caridad.

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