3 | Inclusive Summer Camps

This episode brings together three summer camp professionals and fans to talk about finding inclusive summer camp spaces, prepping youth for the experience, and why a welcoming and celebratory summer camp can have a big impact on youth.

In this episode we talk about how families can identify welcoming camps, ways to prepare youth for a sleep-away experience, and why camps created with our families in mind can be important for youth.

Meet Our Guests

Jackie McGowan is the Co-Director of Camp Highlight, a summer camp for children from LGBTQ families.

Nick Teich is the CEO and Founder of Camp Aranu’tiq of Harbor Camps, a nonprofit program serving transgender and gender-variant youth and their families.

Sandy Rubenstein is the Co-Owner/Director of Camp Wingate*Kirkland, a traditional co-ed summer camp that prioritizes inclusivity and affirmation.

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