Episode #1: Parental Engagement: Empowering our kids to navigate changing school climates

For our January podcast, we are continuing the conversation started in November about the impact of the election on LGBTQ families. This week, in Part II of this conversation, East Coast Regional Manager Emily McGranachan moderates a discussion with guests Johnny Cole and Nicole LaFlamme about the ways parents can help children navigate the changing climate in schools. This is a powerful, inspiring and helpful listen for all parents. These are some of the topics we covered:

  • How can parents best support their children and foster inclusive and welcoming schools?
  • What are barriers parents and students may face and what are some tools to handle these?
  • How do you recommend youth handle negative words or bullying at school?
  • What are some clues to a school’s climate of inclusion when it comes to choosing a school or school district?
  • How are you preparing yourself and your family for the incoming Trump administration?

Meet Our Guests

Johnny Cole is a public school assistant principal, educator, and parent. He lives in Massachusetts with his husband and two children aged 8 and 10.

Nicole LaFlamme is Chair of her local school board and lives in New Hampshire with her wife and their 9-year old twins.