Author in the Spotlight: Shirley Macinnis Ringo

Shirley Macinnis Ringo


As a mother Shirley, read to her children every night teaching them how important and special they were using stories of love, kindness, and strength. As a personal development coach, Shirley understands the value of stories and the power of the message. Creating new stories for children and families who are not represented in traditional literature is a path she and Glenda share with excitement and pride. Shirley hopes the love and beauty of the LBGTQ community can be shared with the world, in your home, and with your children through these books forever. 


 For 25 years Shirley has lead workshops around the world on Self-esteem, Grief, Suicide, and Relationships. As a powerful storyteller and a passionate human rights supporter, she has come to stand for the equality of families and children in the LGBTQ community. Her personal mission is to help heal emotional suffering in the world.  

What motivated you to write these books that is specifically inclusive of LGBTQ families/issues? 

Growing up poor opened my eyes to what it was like not to fit into the world around me. I could not find my images in any storybook or school book. Who was I? It was only in the stories from my Grandfather that I could find my joy and happiness.  

What I know for sure is that being excluded is painful and is the ultimate in-equality.  

My books are written in indelible ink with images and stories that will help LGBTQ families discover who they truly are. 


What do you personally feel makes a family? 


A family is your tribe, the ones who love the real you with all your gifts, challenges and issues–the people with whom you share your biggest secrets and your greatest dreams. Families are the ones who stand with you and believe in you forever. 


What does “equality” look like to you? 


Equality… when the world smiles at the unique people you are. A world, where it is safe to wake up and be me for all to see.  Equality is a world where my sex, my color, my orientation, does not determine my opportunity or my success and happiness. 


Whose Books do you admire and why? 


The writer I most admire is Mark Nepo. He writes in small stories that illuminate love and kindness.   


What is coming up next for you? 

I am focused on changing the way the world sees families by creating a 100 story books, videos and trainings resonating with love, friendship, wisdom, and adventures for the LGBT families and friends.