Dakerri Barber-Rhone Joins the Southern Advisory Council

Dakerri Barber-Rhone works in the health care field, but is beginning her journey towards civil rights law.  Dakerri is a LGBTQIA activists and is very active in her community.  She is the Outreach Coordinator for the Nashville committee off the Tennessee Equality Project and also volunteers with the Nashville Human Rights Campaign. She married her partner of 12 years, Sondra Barber-Rhone, on September 14. 2012 in Washington DC.  She and her wife recently learned they were pregnant after trying to conceive for nearly a year.  Together they have a YouTube channel called Two Mom Diaries documenting their journey to motherhood.  Two Mom Diaries is a platform where couples desiring to start a family can watch the process and ask any questions they may have.  It also shows the commitment of same-sex families and how we are no different from any other family. 

Do you live in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, D.C., Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia or West Virginia? If you live in one of these states and feel passionately about equality issues for LGBTQ parents and their families, then join our Southern Advisory Council! You will be a part a group of volunteers that partners with us to cultivate and enrich the quality of life for our families in the southern region. For more information contact our Southern Regional Manager, Tatiana Quiroga at TQuiroga@familyequality.org for further details.