Kimberly Kantor Joins the Southern Advisory Council

Family Equality Council is thrilled to welcome our newest Southern Advisory Council member, Kimberly Kantor. Kimberly is a proud mother of two cherished daughters of the ages 10 and 5. This tight-knit, energetic trio is most often found exploring and engaging in fun and educational activities involving exhibits, parks, performances, and a wide variety of community events.  She also founded Rainbow Roundup, a group for North Texas LGBTQ families which has grown to almost 1000 members. As Founder and Executive Director, she organizes monthly events, provides support and resources, and creates an environment for members to develop lifelong supportive networks. Additionally, she serves on the Family Pride Zone Committee in Dallas, which provides a safe space for LGBTQ parents and children.

Do you live in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, D.C., Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia or West Virginia? If you live in one of these states and feel passionately about equality issues for LGBTQ parents and their families, then join our Southern Advisory Council! You will be a part a group of volunteers that partners with us to cultivate and enrich the quality of life for our families in the southern region. For more information contact our Southern Regional Manager, Tatiana Quiroga at for further details.