Help Us Appeal to the Supreme Court for Marriage Equality


Remember¬†Family Equality Council’s amazing “Voices of Children” amicus briefs, that we filed first in the historic Windsor case before the US Supreme Court, and then later in every Court of Appeals case in the country (to some amazing success)?

Well, we are going to file another such “Friend of the Court” brief in the cases now before the Supreme Court. And we need YOUR help in collecting even more stories from our remarkable families.

There can be no doubt of the impact this brief and these stories have had on the courts. They are not the dry legal briefs that everyone else files. These are the ACTUAL VOICES OF OUR CHILDREN. They tell – in their own words – why the freedom to marry is important to their families. Justice Kennedy mentioned this brief during oral arguments in Windsor, and Judge Posner in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals referred to it, by name, in several instances.

You can be a part of history. Please forward this to everyone you know who has family living in the above states. We have used stories from children as young as 6 or 7 (of course any children – of whatever age – with same-sex parents who can express their thoughts about the issue is welcome).

We also need stories from queer youth who can talk about how the denial of marriage equality impacts their own self-worth, feelings of belonging, etc.

This is an opportunity to truly be a part of history in the making. If you, or someone you know, lives in the 6th Circuit (MI, OH, KY, TN) and is raising children, please have them reach out to me – immediately. My email address is DeniseBK[at]