Yesterday, we made history!

Yesterday, the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments* in the case of same-sex marriage bans in Indiana and Wisconsin. It was a huge day for our families in the midwest and for us! Judge Richard Posner – a Republican judge and Reagan appointee – expressly highlighted Family Equality Council’s Voices of Children’s brief and called the defending attorneys’ arguments “ridiculous” and “absurd”. 

Did you read the amici curiae brief of the Family Equality Council?…It has a great deal of rather harrowing information about the problems created for children and their parents in the case of same-sex couples not being allowed to marry who have adopted children…

The Voices of Children amicus briefs are continuously referenced in same-sex marriage discrimination cases across our country, and consistently, their voices have proved the greatest impact. From Justice Kennedy’s citation in the overturning of DOMA to Judge Posner’s mention today, our work undoubtedly changes the hearts and minds of our appointed officials.

We received support from our advocates in the movement,


and news outlets everywhere covered that key question from Judge Richard Posner, “Did you read the amici curiae brief of the Family Equality Council?”

Thank you to the supporters, ACLU and Lamba Legal. Show your support by sharing the Judge Posner thank you image with your friends and family on social media. Take a stand for values – take a stand for family.


*Family Equality Council mention during oral argument at 40:30