A New and Better Way for LGBTQ Parents to Connect


Parenthood can often feel like an isolating experience.  Being part of a community is a critical part of finding support, building connections, and leveraging the experiences of parents who have been in your shoes before.  And as much as we hope to rely on our immediate networks of friends and family for advice, that’s rarely ever enough. 

Kinsights is an advice-sharing network and forum for parents.  We help parents and the organizations that support them to build and find personalized communities.  Chris Armijo, a single, gay, military father of twins, and I bonded over the need for better, more efficient ways for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) parents to connect with each other – and partnering with Family Equality Council was the natural next step.

When you look at the thousands of questions parents have – some are very specific to being an LGBTQ parent (like, how do I make my child’s school more inclusive?), and others are just issues that all parents struggle with (how do I manage screen time?). In partnering with Family Equality Council, we wanted to create a secure, private environment for LGBTQ parents to share ideas, ask questions, and build a supportive connections – and also while making sure that each parent has access to the full Kinsights community for all of their general parenting questions.

Within Family Equality’s forum on Kinsights, parents have access to a library of resources, local events, and a larger community of parents who are eager to support each other. 

Join us in Family Equality Council’s Kinsights forum and start asking questions and connecting with other parents today! It’s free for all parents!! Use the invitation code, FamilyEquality, and Kinsights will donate $1 to Family Equality Council for each parent that signs up.

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