Becca Gorman Gets Outspoken for Change

Our newest Outspoken Generation member, Becca Gorman, is making strides towards equality at the age of 15. She might be young, but her advocacy to get Apple to change their definition of the word “gay” on their Dictionary Application hasn’t gone unnoticed by Apple, news crews, and especially by Family Equality Council. Becca has proven that she is a true advocate for our community.

She needs your help though; read and SIGN HER PETITION today!

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“Today, more than half of America’s households own an Apple product; whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or iMac, nearly 130 million people in the United States alone are Apple users. Each one of these products, from the first iPod Touch to the iPhone 5s, is programmed with a built-in dictionary application—a dictionary application that is easy to access, easy to use, and easy to trust.

This same dictionary describes the word “gay” as being “foolish” and “stupid” causing millions of their users to feel demoralized, attacked, and worthless. Without deliberately saying so, this definition makes it acceptable for people to use “gay” in the same, hurtful way that their dictionary describes the word.

Other words in the Apple dictionary with a derogatory definition are clearly marked “offensive” prior to the written definition. Without the addition of that one, simple word, Apple’s dictionary is sending a message that the use of “gay” in a deprecating way is acceptable.

Being a teenager with two moms, seeing this definition makes me feel not only personally insulted but also betrayed – a company that I have grown to trust and is publicly known for being very LGBTQ-friendly is willing to overlook something that could easily be fixed.

I want this to change not only for my family, but for the millions of other people that are also affected by the derogatory use of this word on a daily basis. I want Apple to stand up for the countless youth that are questioning their sexuality that have looked up “gay” on their MacBooks only to find their feelings to be described as “stupid.”

It’s time to change the way people see and use the word “gay.”

This simple change may not completely end the derogatory use of the word “gay,” but when a company that regularly impacts the lives of 130 million Americans admits their fault and stands up for what’s right, significant change follows.

Please support me and everyone affected by the derogatory use of “gay,” and help get Apple’s attention to update their dictionary on all of their products, ultimately ending the “stupid” and “foolish” perception people have on the word “gay.”

The use of gay is not okay.

Thank You! For further information go to:

Visit Heart of Gold for more information about Becca’s passions and her work to redefine the word “gay.”