And Baby Makes Seven

On June 24, 2011, Governor Cuomo signed the Marriage Equality Act into law, making New York the sixth US state to give gay and lesbian couples the legal right to marry.  With this historic legislation, New York ushered in a new era of supporting, defending, and representing LGBTQ couples and families. While a significant victory, laws alone won’t change the lingering cultural attitude that still permeates perceptions of the LGBTQ community. 

That will take dialog, time…and art.

Without a doubt, non-traditional families are becoming more visible on television, in movies, and on-stage; challenging viewers to recalibrate their view of today’s “modern family.”  And Baby Makes Seven, was on the edge of that cultural wave. 

First debuting 20 years ago and not seen professionally since, this timely comic play by Pulitzer-Prize winning playwright Paula Vogel focuses on a lesbian couple and their desire to have a child.  It’s difficult to imagine how Ms. Vogel created this non-conventional family amidst the cultural landscape of the early 90’s.  More remarkable is, at its heart, the play asks the conventional question, “Are we ready to be parents?” By placing this rather conventional dilemma within a non-conventional context, Ms. Vogel offers her audience a platform from which to find commonality and understanding.

Now being produced by the New Ohio Theatre in association with Purpleman Productions, we hope to reintroduce this timely story back into the New York community so we can continue to challenge, define and expand the perceptions of the modern American family.  

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