Join Team Purple in the Fight Against Bullying

On October 17th we often hear calls to “Go Purple!” These calls are not cheers for a favorite football or baseball team whose color is purple, but rather public support for another type of team –those who stand together against bullying.

Many across the world, including Family Equality Council, are joining forces on Spirit Day to raise awareness of the problems we have with bullying  – both within our school systems and outside in our communities – against the LGBT community. 

“Going purple” for the day on October 17th, helps raise awareness that bullying is a substantial problem and must end.

So join the team and “go purple”. No matter who you are – you can take a stand and let everyone know that you are an ally against bullying.  You’ll also be letting those who have been bullied or are being bullied know that you’re on their side and on their team.

You can “go purple” by dressing in your finest purple shirt or tie, wearing a purple wristband, or even changing your social media profile picture or cover photo to something that prominently includes purple.

Also, a huge thanks to all of the partners involved with Spirit Day especially our friends at GLAAD.

Let’s make a statement and stand up to against bullying. Go purple on October 17th, and collectively we can win the battle against bullying.