Taking back family values

The movement for family equality has never been stronger. After 30 years of tireless advocacy, the efforts of activists and supporters like you have led to incredible wins at the Supreme Court, at federal agencies, and in communities nationwide.

As the new Executive Director of Family Equality Council, I couldn’t be prouder to step into this role at such a historic time.

But it is imperative that we keep this incredible momentum for family equality going.

Today organizations like the American Family Association still claim that same-sex parents are “destroying family values”, and advocate for the passage of laws that discriminate against families with parents who are LGBT. Statements like these couldn’t be farther from the truth, nor do they represent the real experiences of every day Americans all over the country. And they certainly don’t represent the real circumstances of loving families with parents who are LGBT.

Right now, hard-working American parents who are LGBT lack workplace protections against discrimination, putting their families and children at significant economic risk. 104,000 children in foster care are awaiting forever homes, but are denied the loving parents all children deserve when responsible LGBT couples face barriers to adopting them. And nearly 42% of children with parents who are LGBT have reported being verbally harassed or bullied at school.

Our opposition doesn’t offer any solutions to these problems. We do.

That’s why we are taking family values back and moving families forward.

Here are two ways you can help:

Make a gift to Family Equality Council. Your tax-deductible gift will sustain critical policy and advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill and in the states, and help ensure all families have equal access to safe schools, workplace protections against discrimination, and adoption rights.

Sign the petition to TAKE FAMILY VALUES BACK! Tell Congress that supporting family values means helping all families thrive – including families with parents who are LGBT. Urge your representatives to support legislation that will improve the lives of ALL American families and children, like the Employee Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), the Every Child Deserves a Family Act (ECDF), and the Safe Schools Improvement Act (SSIA). When you sign the petition, we’ll gladly send you our limited edition Family = Family sticker!

We all have personal reasons to fight for equality. Mine is my five year old son. I want to make sure he grows up in a world where he’s safe at school, and won’t be bullied because he has two dads. And I want him to grow up in a country where “family values” means that all families – including those with parents who are LGBT – are treated equally.   

So thank you for your continued friendship. I hope you’ll stand with all families, including those with parents who are LGBT, as we work to take family values back, and move families forward to the day when all families are respected, protected, and celebrated.