October 1 Open Enrollment for Obama Care

On October 1, 2013, the Health Insurance Marketplace provided under the Affordable Care Act will open for enrollment. LGBT families may want to avail themselves of some of the newly established resources that the government has provided to answer questions prior to the start of the application process. Don’t forget to check out our resource for LGBT families accessing affordable care.

Other Resources:

  • www.healthcare.gov : The government has recently updated the website to provide more accurate and user-friendly information for consumers. It now offers 24 hour support to individuals who want to learn about what will soon be available to them when the Health Insurance Marketplace opens. On this site, consumers may take a short survey that will help determine what they may be eligible for and a live representative is available to chat if the survey and resulting information does not answer your questions.
  • 1-800-318-2596: For those who do not have internet access or prefer telephone contact, this 24-hour support hotline has also been established. The call center is staffed with both English and Spanish speaking representatives who will answers questions about the Marketplace and help to guide consumers through the process.
  • www.marketplace.cms.gov : If you are interested in learning how to help people navigate the insurance buying process, this site offers brochures, PowerPoint’s, and other valuable resources. These are available in PDF form and free to print.

Important Points:

  • The information available now on the healthcare.gov website in generic. The approximate costs of insurance and specific policies will not be available until October.
  • When the actual online application is processed, an individualized list of coverage options will be provided to each enrollee based upon a “modified adjusted gross income.” Anyone in need of insurance or interested in lower cost insurance should submit an application.
  • Enrollment will be state specific, but the federal site is still the place to start. This site will provide the consumer with the appropriate state site through he/she should apply. 

Read and download our resource for LGBT families here. And please contact us if you have any question about Obamacare and your family.