My Intern Experience with Family Equality Council

Looking up and down the street at a sea of people and consciously recognizing that each family had two moms, two dads, or some unique combination I felt – for the first time in my life – a sense of being home.

My experience as a self-identified lesbian, interning for Family Equality Council was one full of emotion. I had been involved in the gay community for a few years before I was given this opportunity, and yet I had never felt quite like that before. In my mind, I had always envisioned my future family with two moms and a hoard of children. But it was not until that moment, on the streets of P-town, that I was able to feel the reality of what I dreamed of. Family Week was one of the most grounding experiences I have ever had.

This year I will be a returning intern for this amazing organization and I am looking forward to Family Week just as much as the families are. I cannot wait to reconnect with the friends I made last year, to catch up with all of the kids, and to soak in more experiences.

I have had a difficult time finding my niche in this world; I am not the prettiest, the smartest, or the most politically correct. Sometimes I have a hard time making new friends and connecting with people, but the staff at Family Equality Council embraced me. I have formed friendships through this organization that will follow me forever and I cannot wait to bring my future family to Family Week one day.

Being an intern among these incredible minds has taught me so much and I appreciate each one of them for what they have given me. I am so excited for this summer to start and I am anxiously awaiting the first week in August. I want to thank Family Equality Council and all of the LGBT-headed families for allowing me to be a part of such an important event.

“Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts” –Oliver Wendell Holmes