Outspoken Generation Co-Chair Says “Time for Marriage”

Ella Robinson, co-chair of the Outspoken Generation projecthas been telling her family’s story for years. As the daughter of Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Episcopal Bishop, she calls herself “part of a generation of modern families who define ourselves by the love that binds us together.”

And today, Ella and her father published a fantastic guest column in the Washington Post.

In the column, they write:

“As we watch history being made at the Supreme Court, we have a lot to say about the love that makes a family… What has held us together through the years is our unwavering commitment to each other and the understanding that no matter what the world outside may throw at us, our love for each other is stronger.” 

As Ella and Gene Robinson reflect on the transformation they see in our country, they conclude: 

“We are becoming a country where all our children know that their families are respected—no matter their composition. We are becoming a country that puts the love of families above discrimination.”

“The nation is ready for marriage equality.”

On March 26th, Ella and Gene Robinson will stand outside the Supreme Court and speak at the United for Marriage rally, alongside Family Equality and our coalition partners. If you agree with them that it’s time for equal marriage, join us in DC or find an event in your community here