Black History Month-Doria Roberts

Throughout the month of February, Family Equality Council is celebrating Black History Month by honoring the accomplishments, contributions, and lives of LGBT Black Americans, past and present.

Doria Roberts—Singer/songwriter. Doria Roberts’ music mixes folk, pop, and jazz influences. She has toured extensively in the US and abroad, and opted to form her own record label (Hurricane Doria Records) rather than accept offers from major labels. Roberts has won awards for community service as well as her music—she makes no secret of being a “part time activist.” One of her earlier project was the Queerstock music festival, which she founded in Philadelphia 1995. She is currently Queerstock’s Executive Producer. Roberts recently launched a “Farm to Eat” tour to raise funds for food banks and promote her latest (crowdfunded) album Blackeyed Susan. Roberts is based in Atlanta, where she runs a bodega with her wife. Listen to Roberts’ music online here.