We Belong Together

“We belong together because you needed a family and we needed someone to love” – Todd ParrWe Belong Together

We belong together. The words from Todd Parr’s inspiring book about adoption have always brought great comfort to my two adopted children who, even at age 7 and 8, understand that there are many children in our country who don’t have a family to belong to.

In fact, there are still over 100,000 children in foster care waiting to find forever homes. These children all deserve a family who will let them know that they are wanted and loved.

So how do we bring these children together with the loving families who have the capacity to parent and the commitment to care for a child?

We do that in part, by highlighting how truly special adoptive families really are.

Children cannot always give voice to that message. So it’s up to millions of adoptive families, like mine, to speak for them.

That’s why the Family Equality Council is now partnering with Huffington Post’s Gay Voices to highlight the stories of LGBT families during National Adoption Month — and beyond.

Like Todd Parr’s great book about Adoption, we know that stories can help to inspire people to see our families for what they are — a rich canvas of different people, different colors, different cultures and different backgrounds all brought together into one beautiful family portrait.

So we’re asking those families to share their own family portraits.

It’s one way we can inspire others to bring the hundreds of thousands of foster children home to a family where they belong.

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