Gilbert Family’s Situation Gets International Attention

Imagine living in fear for your children’s safety simply because of someone else’s fear and hatred. That is exactly what Felix Bermea and his family in Gilbert, Arizona are going through. Now their story of harassment, vandalism, and threats is gaining worldwide attention. Support from people around the globe is giving this family hope that justice and safety will come to their family.

Please consider helping us to raise money for this loving family to attend Family Week. The Bermea family genuinely deserves a break from the terrors that they faced – and the media frenzy that they continue to face – at their home. Our fundraiser can be found by clicking here. You can help this family further by posting on Facebook, Twitter, or on a blog about this story and sharing the fundraiser page. Thank you for your support.

Read below for a video and an excerpt from the story:

GILBERT, AZ – Felix Bermea is going over the police reports and the list of 33 different visits Gilbert police have made to his home in the past three months.   

“We do want the Gilbert police to see that it’s a serious matter,” Bermea said. 

He claims his family is being harassed and said the police are not helping much. 

He said people have keyed their cars, tried to burn his shrubs, and broken into their home.

It wasn’t until he went public with his concerns that nothing was being done because he is gay that he got to voice his concerns to the chief. 

After word got out through local rallies, the family’s story quickly went viral. 

“The responses are from all over the world. People have been writing into the chief of police, Tim Dorn, showing their concern for what’s been going on with our family,” Bermea said. 

A friend started a Facebook page that quickly grew to more than two thousand strong. 

Felix said the support from across the globe has helped them through the tough times. 

“We truly felt alone. And with the responses that we’ve seen and the people’s support, we really do appreciate that,” he said. . . .

The Bermea family.

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