Family Week Pride!

I have to admit, I went to our first Family Week kind of a skeptic.  I wondered why our family, who lives a very “out” life in a supportive community close to Boston needed to attend, especially when our daughter hadn’t yet turned one.  But when I arrived at our Family Week, six years ago I quickly realized how important this special time is.  It’s about connecting, with old friends and new ones from all over the world; connecting with families like ours.

Each year, we build upon these special relations as we parents watch our children grow and bond.  Family Week has been inclusive and welcoming, creating a safe environment for us to try new things and meet new people.  Participating in Family Week events from workshops, kid’s activities, and dances has enhanced our overall experience. It’s so cool and affirming to walk down Commercial Street as the majority and see all kinds of families like ours.  It’s a gift for our daughter…and us!  It’s like a ginormous, loving hug for a week that recharges, revitalizes and empowers us. We leave Family Week proud of who we are and without shame or apology for our choices.  We will be attending our 6th Family Week and can’t wait to see old friends and make new ones.