Jennifer Lopez Developing TV Series About Lesbian Moms

Jennifer Lopez (Source: singer, songwriter, actress, and screenwriter Jennifer Lopez is devoping a new television series about lesbian moms for ABC Family. The main couple in the show will head a family of three children: one biological son and adopted teenage twins, one girl and one boy. Not much more has been revealed about the show except that one of the parent’s will be a cop and the other a private school teacher. Although Lopez will not be a character in the show, it has been revealed that she may appear as a guest star. Also exciting is that Peter Paige of Queer As Folk will be an executive director of this new series. Will this be a hit? We will definitely watch to see! Let us know if you find any more information about this series by commenting below.

Read on for an excerpt from the Mombian blog’s story:

Jennifer Lopez is developing a TV series for ABC Family about two lesbian moms, Deadline reports. Will the hour-long drama give us an authentic (albeit fictionalized) portrayal of a lesbian-headed family? Will it stay away from tired clichés, like “the wacky search for sperm”? Will J.Lo sing and dance about baby strollers?

The answer to the first two is “it very well could.” Deadline tells us the show involves “a lesbian couple who suddenly have their already child heavy household turned upside down when a wayward teenage girl moves in. One of the mothers is a cop, the other is a private school teacher. They have one biological son and adopted teen twins, one a boy, the other a girl.”

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