“La dor va dor” – From generation to generation

All parents want the best for their children… We try to give them unconditional love, support, and guidance… we pray that they find happiness, and that they flourish in the choices they make in their lives.  

Hopefully, as we teach them what is important, they build a strong foundation that will help them make their way through life,   knowing that there is always a warm and safe place to call home, especially as they make their own.

The Family Equality Council is working to make our world a more supportive and tolerant place for our children and our grandchildren.    

Through my personal commitments and the work I’ve chosen to produce, I have been a strong supporter of LGBT rights, by trying to make the issues the community faces more visible, acknowledged and understood.

I have always thought that if the grandparents of LGBT families like myself were more vocal about our acceptance and love of our children and grandchildren, we could send a powerful message.

That’s why I am thrilled to announce that Family Equality Council is launching a new initiative, Pearls of Wisdom, a Group for Grandparents.”

In Jewish tradition, the phrase “La dor Va dor ” means to pass our ideals from one generation to the next.  So if we can take that to heart, and show our support across the generations, we can make our society a stronger, safer, and more loving environment for all of our families, gay and straight.