French Government Promises to Legalize Gay Marriage

French President Promises to Legalize Gay Marriage and LGBT AdoptionGood news from overseas: the newly elected French President, François Hollande, promises to legalize marriage equality and allow for LGBT adoption rights! This is a major step forward in the push for equal rights in France which will hopefully result in the full acceptance of families with parents who are LGBT. LGBT parents have been raising happy, healthy children in many countries for years and it is long overdue for these families to receive the respect and legal recognitions that they deserve. While we continue our work for all families here in America, it is important to help and learn from our friends across the Atlantic. We hope for speedy progress in France in light of this wonderful news. 


France’s newly elected Socialist President, François Hollande (pictured), has confirmed plans to follow through on campaign promises that he would legalise gay marriage and grant LGBT adoption rights during his first year in office.

Part of a communique released by the office of the Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayraultr ensured the legislation has already been drafted as a way to mark the recent International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia.

Marriage equality has long been anticipated in France with 2011 polls finding that 63% favoured same-sex marriage rights. The pledge to put the president’s manifesto promise into law will allow France to join other predominantly Catholic countries Spain, Portugal and Argentina who have also legislated marriage equality. 

Currently France offers a civil union agreement for all couples (PACS) which hold fewer rights than marriage, with exclusions including the right to joint adoption or artificial insemination.

Conservative Catholics are already gearing up for a fight with Catholic group the Civitas Institute leading the protest against a “red and secularist France” and criticising Hollande’s “intrinsically anti-Christian, anti-family and anti-national vision.” . . .

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