First Openly Gay Judge Appointed in Virginia

First Openly Gay Judge Appointed VirginiaVirginia’s legal system takes a step forward! Tracy Thorne-Begland, the first openly gay prosecutor was appointed as a district judge in Virginia yesterday.  Before this news, the prosecutor’s possible nomination was unnecessarily marred with controversy after delegate Robert Marshall, who voted against Thorne-Begland’s appointment, tried to spread the lie that the prosecutor would use his “possible bias” to advance “the pro-homosexual agenda.” This blatant hate speech was overshadowed in the end as Chief Judge of the Richmond Court Richard Taylor signed an order yesterday approving Thorne-Begland’s appointment. A reasoned decision free of bigotry, such as this one, can always be heard over hate! This decision brings us one step closer to end the real bias against LGBT individuals that Marshall chooses to spread.

Read more about this story in the following except from an article in The Washington Post.

An openly gay prosecutor has been appointed in Virginia to take the bench as a district judge, despite the state General Assembly’s rejection of his nomination last month.

According to an order signed by Chief Judge of the Richmond Circuit Court Richard Taylor on Thursday, Tracy Thorne-Begland’s appointment will begin July 1.

Thorne-Begland told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that he was “humbled” by the decision.

“I look forward to serving the citizens of the city of Richmond as a jurist and, over the coming months, I hope that my service provides comfort to all Virginians that I remain committed to the faithful application of the laws and constitutions of Virginia and the United States of America,” he said.

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s spokesman Tucker Martin said in an email Friday, “The governor believes Mr. Thorne-Begland is well-qualified to serve on the bench. He congratulates him on the appointment.” . . .

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