NYX PRIDE and Interbank Roundtable Committee Commemorate Pride Month

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Members of NYSE employee resource group, NYX PRIDE, along with representatives from the Interbank Roundtable Committee, rang The Opening BellSM to commemorate Pride Month:

The mission of NYX PRIDE is to encourage and leverage the contributions of NYSE Euronext’s LGBT and supportive employees for the benefit of our people and clients globally.

About Interbank Roundtable Committee
The Interbank Roundtable Committee’s (IRC) is a voluntary NY-based ‘network of networks’ with representatives from 28 financial services industry organization’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Employee Resource Groups (ERG). The IRC serves as an open forum where members share best practices on promoting inclusive work environments and policies, engaging senior management and straight allies, building ERG membership and coordinating networking, professional development, and philanthropic activities across the industry. The IRC helps members build their professional network within the financial industry, while also promoting the financial industry as the industry of choice for LGBT individuals.

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