Tell Erie, Illinois Superintendent to Value all Students and Families

Recently the Erie, Illinois school board voted in favor of banning Todd Parr’s The Family Book along with the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network’s (GLSEN) nationally recognized anti-bullying resource “Ready, Set, Respect!” Please sign the petition asking the superintendent to reverse this ban! Click here to sign:

The superintendent of Erie schools decided to ban the materials from the district after protesters outside of a school board meeting held a small prayer vigil. These well-respected, age-appropriate, and effective resources are used in thousands of schools across the country and were even wholeheartedly recommended by a district-appointed committee of parents, educators and community members. There has been an outcry of support for all of the banned materials, with over 100 Erie parents signing a petition to call for the reversal of the ban. Unfortunately, the school board president will not reconsider. 

The Family Book is authored by Todd Parr, a family inclusive author. Todd has been an avid supporter and friend to the Family Equality Council, helping educate young students about the various family structures that exist among their peers. Without books like The Family Book we run the risk of exposing the children of LGBT parents to school environments that may not provide them a safe place to learn. 42% of children of LGBT parents report being verbally harassed in school because of who their families are. Unchecked bullying can result in decreased interest in school, absenteeism, and a lack of concentration level.

No child is too young to learn how bullying language is hurtful to people in their community!  Tell the Erie, IL school district that they should value the health and safety of their students over the personal views of a handful of people by signing this petition and sharing it with your friends: