Welcome New Legal Fellow Marios Fellouka

Hello! What an honor and privilege to intern with Family Equality Council this summer! My name is Marios Fellouka, I am from Cyprus, and I will be a third-year law student at Indiana University Maurer School of Law in Bloomington, Indiana.

I have been passionate about social justice, and equal treatment under the law since I can remember. Growing up in a politically and geographically divided country strengthened my desire to fight for equal justice for all. I moved to Bloomington, Indiana six years ago for college with the intention of becoming a lawyer that fights for equality. Pursuant to my goal, I volunteered with the juvenile court system as a Court Appointed Special Advocate where I advocated for the children’s best interest in neglect and abuse cases. The satisfaction I gained by making a difference in a child’s life is indescribable; I instantly felt the calling to do legal work for children.  After the first year of law school, my elective courses were primarily focused on human rights, civil liberties, and criminal law – which are my other areas of interest. 

I am honored to contribute in achieving equal treatment under the law for everyone in this country.