Count Your Blessings

This is one of my first blogs that I’ve contributed and when I was asked to share my thoughts on Blogging For LGBT Families Day, I couldn’t think of anything else to share except for how blessed I am – so that’s what I’m sharing with you – my blessings. We’re planning to celebrate our daughter, Olivia’s, 3rd birthday this weekend. She is so excited about her birthday party (and, of course, all the gifts that come with it) that she’s been talking about it all week long! It’s moments like Olivia’s birthday party – when we’re with family and friends, old and new – that remind us how blessed we are to have an immediate and diverse network of loved ones that support who we are as gay parents and as a family. It’s incredible each day to see and read about more and more families like ours, which is an indicator how far our community has come.
We’re also blessed this year to have officially “tied the knot” in 2012 after 20 years together! We’re fortunate to live in one of the few but increasing number of states – Massachusetts – that legally recognize our marriage and commitment to each other (now, if only other states and the federal government will get on board…).
Earlier this year, three weeks before our wedding, our lives were again forever changed when we brought home our 2nd daughter Noelle. I still recall how overcome I was with emotion when, after Noelle was discharged to me from the hospital, it was just the two of us sitting in a hotel room (patiently waiting for the call for the ok to come home) – all I could think of is how blessed I was to be holding such a bundle of joy and to welcome the new addition to our family.
This past week, I also just celebrated my 43rd birthday; when people asked me what I wished for or what I wanted for gifts, I really couldn’t think of anything; I feel like I have everything anyone could ever ask for – a beautiful family which includes a supportive and loving husband and two beautiful daughters.
So on Blogging For LGBT Families Day, I hope you join me to take a few moments, step back and count your blessings that you have in your lives and celebrate the progress that has been made for our community and for our families.