Two Mothers, One Pregnancy

Originally posted at The Times Of Israel by Irit Rosenblum

How New Family Organization Paved the Way for Court Recognition of Two Biological Mothers

The historic March 6 verdict to recognize two biological mothers for a single child is a milestone in a process I started over a decade ago. Asserting that the right to parenthood is a human right regardless of faith, gender, sexual orientation or status, I set out to create legal equality for all of Israel’s families through the justice system, with New Family, the organization that I founded and direct, as my vehicle.

The first breakthrough was in 1996, with the debate on the status of a female couple who sought to become parents. The petitioner, Tal Yarus-Hakak, appealed to court against the Health Ministry’s regulations on fertility treatments. The Health Ministry required single women seeking artificial insemination or IVF treatments to undergo evaluation by a psychiatrist and a social worker. These rules discriminated against the petitioner, who had been living with her partner, Dr. Avital Yarus-Hakak, since 1989, and who was not single, but whose same-sex partnership was not recognized.

In 2002, I unsuccessfully petitioned family court to confirm a domestic union agreement between female spouses. After flooding family court with same-sex couple agreements, in a precedent-setting decision, Beer-Sheva family court approved the first agreement. This decision paved the way for legal recognition of the same-sex family in Israel, and today, courts regularly approve agreements between same-sex spouses.

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