Hate Groups In School?

Administrators at a public school in a small town in Iowa hired a known hate group to conduct a three-hour assembly. David Badash at The New Civil Rights Movement has a thorough report:

You Can Run But You Cannot Hide, also known as You Can Run International, was formally declared an anti-gay hate group this week by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which released its annual report Thursday, the same day the group “performed.” In fairness, while school administrators could not have know the group’s hate group status, they easily could have known what the students were going to be subjected to had they done any basic research, i.e., Googled “Junkyard Prophet,” “Bradlee Dean,” or ”You Can Run But You Cannot Hide.”

But the very fact that a public school used public funds (an estimated $1500) to hire a Christian ministry is disconcerting at best, and begs a call for investigation.

Watch a portion of the assembly where the “junkyard prophet” says terrible things about gay people: