The Made-Up Connection Between Marriage Equality & Divorce Rates

One of the central fears of marriage equality opponents is that allowing LGBT couples the freedom to marry will somehow have a negative impact on the marriages of straight people.

It’s a common tactic of marriage foes to claim that divorce rates will rise as a consequence of enacting marriage equality. The data, and the day to day reality of families with LGBT parents, paints a much different picture.

Firstly, the divorce rates:

Divorce rates for states that allow same-sex marriage show little change in statistics since same-sex marriage was legalized. Furthermore, the states that have marriage equality tend to have the lowest rates of divorce in the nation.

The daily realities of LGBT families demonstrate that similar values are common amongst all families. Love, commitment, fairness, patriotism, and common decency are common to all families, not just the straight ones.

“These moms and dads want the same things for their children that all parents do — respect, protection, celebration, and a bright future,” said Steve Majors, communications director for Family Equality, a national organization that supports LGBT parents.

Each passing day people all across America are getting that message, and their support for equality shows it.

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