Virginia Wants To Deny Our Family Exists

Gri Abbot Family PortraitOur family lives in a state where our existence is about to be denied.

We certainly know who we are.  We are a loving couple raising two children. We are people of  faith. We are involved actively in conservative political causes.  And there’s no denying that friends, neighbors and even complete strangers can see who we are.  Like us or not, we’re two gay, middle-aged, white dads raising two adopted children who needed homes: one bi-racial teen and one black pre-teen.

But Virginia is now prepared to ignore us – and hundreds of loving couples like us who could provide loving and stable homes to thousands of unwanted children who are in need of homes, too.

In a few days, our state is expected to become only the second in the nation (North Dakota is the first) that will allow state-funded adoption agencies to deny us, and other qualified parents, the ability to foster or adopt children solely because of our sexual orientation.

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