Back to School Tools

Labor Day has come and gone. You’ve packed away the lawn
furniture and BBQ grill and the summer public pool schedule on the
refrigerator is now covered up by this week’s lunch menu. It so
hard to say goodbye to summer. And what a summer it was!  It
kicked off with the battle for and celebration of marriage equality
for our families in New York and ended with the incredible
celebration of our peace, love and family equality at Family Week
in Provincetown.

Now, as we all send our kids back to school, it’s important to
remind ourselves of what we can do help them feel the same love and
acceptance they felt this summer all year long  in their schools,
play groups and sports teams.

We’ve come up with a great back to school kit
that you can use to engage with your child’s school in a variety
of ways to help ensure a safe, supportive learning environment for

The list offers some specific suggestions. Do those which feel most
comfortable to you.  But perhaps one of our parents put it best,
“The more involved and visible you are, the more the school,
children and other parents will see that we are loving and caring
parents, just like everyone else.”