Vast majority of younger Americans support adoption by gay and lesbian couples

Public Religion Research Institute just released Generations at
Odds: The Millennial Generation and the Future of Gay and Lesbian
, a new report with startling findings about
American’s support for LGBT families.  The report highlights the
cultural gap between Millennials (defined as Americans between 18
and 29) and seniors (65 and older).   The study found that a
majority of Americans (56%) support gay and lesbian adoption. 
Among Millennials, that number soared to 69%, while only 36% of
seniors supported adoption by gay and lesbian couples.

The gap between older and younger Americans was not confined to
adoption: the study found at least a 20% gap in support in every
area of LGBT families’ lives.  However, the generation gap
proved to be stronger than religious or political affiliation:
republican and evangelical Millennials are more than twice as
likely to support the freedom to marry than their older peers.

While the majority of Americans support opening more homes for
foster children, states continue to pass dangerous and damaging
legislation and shift the focus away from the best interests of the
children.  Only this spring, Arizona passed a “marital
preference” law, forcing child welfare agencies to prefer a
“married man and woman” when seeking placements for Arizona’s
foster children.

Every Child Deserves a Family Act
reflects the true sentiment
of Americans today.  Foster children need homes and should not be
disadvantaged by archaic and outdated laws that prevent all
qualified families from stepping forward.