Connecticut’s New Legislation Benefits LGBT Families

Last week, the Connecticut legislature passed two incredible bills
supporting LGBT families: an inclusive gender identity
non-discrimination bill, and a bill mandating paid sick leave.
These bills will help LGBT families to thrive by providing
workplace security and opportunities for family members to care for
one another. We join Connecticut in celebrating these victories and
hope that lawmakers in other states and localities will soon follow

The gender identity bill, passed on June 4, prohibits
discrimination in numerous important areas, including housing,
lending, public schools and educational programs, utilities, and
employment. This bill will make it possible for transgender family
members in Connecticut to work, attend school, and rely on
government services without fear of discrimination, allowing
transgender workers to provide for their families, and transgender
youth to feel secure at home and at school.

The paid sick leave bill, also passed on June 4, requires employers
with fifty or more employees to provide up to five days of paid
sick leave to their employees. Employees can use this time to care
for themselves if they are ill, or for their ill child, parent, or
spouse, as well as to address sexual assault or family violence
that has affected them.  The bill does not require a biological or
legal relationship between parents and children, allowing LGBT
parents in Connecticut to take paid time off to care for their