We Shall Overcome

The past few weeks have been an emotional upheaval for LGBT
families in MN.  This past Saturday night the state legislature
voted 70-62 to place a constitutional amendment stating marriage is
between one man and one woman on the 2012 ballot.  Many  of our
friends in the community  gave heart-felt testimony to each
committee detailing the reasons people should not vote against
love.It was heart-breaking to hear stories from a father whose son
was gay and died in Afghanistan protecting his fellow soldiers, and
hearing a son discuss growing up in a 2 dad family and how he is
“normal” and wants only the best for his family.  It was inspiring
to hear from a young Republican who said there are more important
things the legislature should be doing, and how her generation will
have to “un-do” everything that is happening now.

This past weekend I was amazed at the amount of people who showed
up to protest the passage of the bill.  As I sat listening to “we
shall overcome” while the legislature was voting; I was inspired. 
I was inspired because so many of you took time off of work to come
to the Capitol to sing, chant, hold signs, and stand together for
something we all believe in – the right to marry the person we

Our opponents cite inflated statistics stating Minnesotans do not
support marriage equality and want  the chance to vote on this

This is not the Minnesota that I know.  I moved here with my
family 4 years ago because MN offered equality for my family.  My
family was greeted warmly and treated as equal by everyone, both
gay and straight.  The people I know in Minnesota do not believe
it’s right to vote on the validity of someone’s marriage.

There is something we can do about this – 15 minutes after the vote
took place, a new campaign was launched –  Minnesotans United for
All Families, the official campaign to fight – and WIN – this
ballot measure. Together with local partners including OutFront
Minnesota, Project 515 and our national partners Family Equality
Council will work to educate Minnesotans along the way to not only
oppose this ballot measure, but to also fully support equality.

The next 17 months will be hard – our families will be verbally
attacked, but we can’t give in.  We must stay united until the
last ballot is cast in 2012.  Minnesotans believe in love and
family – not intolerance and hate.  Please keep your eyes open for
more information coming from Family Equality Council about how you
can join us in the fight to save our families.


Thank you for all you do for Minnesota families.