Not All of the Kids Are All Right

Tired of hearing that Every Child Deserves a Family?   Hope not,
 because although we’re heading toward the end of May (and
National Foster Care Awareness month), we’re going to continue to
talk about the Every Child Deserves a Family Act.

Many of us, myself included, have created our families.  So in
some ways, this bill is not for us. It’s for the children out there
who are waiting for their families.  There are 424,000 of them
right now- in foster care.

If I could, I would open up my doors and arms to them. (thought I’m
not sure whether my two daughters would appreciate sharing their
rooms with a few hundred thousand new brothers and sisters- (see
the bed time story Elsie times Eight).

But I know there are others who would willingly and lovingly give
these children a home, but for state laws and policies that
discriminate against qualified parents based on their sexual
orientation, gender identity or marital status.

Our congressional champion, Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) wrote a terrific

in the Washington Post over the weekend encouraging his
fellow lawmakers to help him remove those barriers.

In the meantime, families like
Roger and Steven Hamm of Arizona
continue to show us how love
can even triumph laws. Their story of how they created a loving
family of 12 children despite the restrictive laws in their state
is inspiring.  (God love ’em. I have enough problems getting two
kids dressed in the morning.)

So what if you’re like me and your homes and hands are full, but
there’s still room in your heart to help these children?  I ask
you to visit our ECDF Action Center ,
share the message with your friends and families and remind those
who tire of you talking about it, that you will continue to speak
out for the 424,000 kids who have no families and who have no