In thanks

As I close out my week in New York – I take the train home to DC on
Sunday morning – I would like to take a moment to thank a few

First, I would like to thank David Giller, organizer for the Human
Rights Campaign here in Northern Westchester and valued travel
companion. David, a Brooklyn native headed to law school in the
fall, has spent the last four weeks tirelessly working for marriage
equality.  Driving up to three hours a day, David works early
mornings at the train station, lunches in towns across the
district, and holds phone banks and movie screenings in the
evening, all while recruiting volunteers.  Last night, thanks to
David’s incredible work, we made over 115 calls to Senator Ball,
completely filling up his voicemail both in Albany and in-district.
 Thank you, David, for your passion and commitment.

Next, I would like to thank Brian Sheerin and Ken Weissenberg for
their impeccable hospitality.  They opened their home to me this
week and it has been a pleasure to share a small part of their
lives with their wonderful daughters.  Brian, also a Family
Equality Council board member, advocates at the local and state
level for LGBT rights and was able to coordinate legislative
meetings in Albany and Fishkill.  He and Ken are married in
Massachusetts, but have built their life in New York, a state that
recognizes out of state marriages, but does not allow its own
citizens to marry.  Thank you, Brian and Ken, for your strength
and your generosity.

Next, I would like to thank the New Yorkers I meet this week: the
volunteers like Bob who spend their free time working for equality;
the strangers who were excited to join the fight; the business
owners generous with coffee and wifi; the religious leaders who
have been vocal in their support for marriage; and our family here
at Family Equality who have been following, “liking,” re-posting,
and commenting.   Thank you all for your selflessness and

Finally, I would like to thank New York State Senator Greg Ball for
his future support for marriage equality for all New Yorkers,
regardless of sexual orientation.  Senator, you will want to be on
the winning side of this one.  Trust me, I know a few people who

So once again, hello and farewell from New York.  I hope that
everyone in the Family Equality network will consider taking action
for New York today.  Pass on this blog, tell a friend, join Family
Equality, friend us on Facebook.  We need your voice.