Family Equality Working For Marriage In New York

I just got off the phone with David Giller, the organizer I’ll be
working with in the Hudson Valley.  He’s been on the ground for
three weeks, making sure that Senator Ball knows that New Yorkers
want the freedom to marry.  He reviewed his day for me: mornings
he greets commuters headed into the city, getting calls into
Senator Ball’s office bright and early so the Senator can come to
work to a full answering machine.  During lunch, David collects
hundreds of signatures on postcards.  Finally, he wraps up the
night with two phone banks, making sure that every New Yorker in
Ball’s district has a chance to let the Senator know that we want
marriage equality.

I’ll head up by train from DC on Monday morning to meet David
deep in the Hudson Valley.  I’ll be spending the week with him,
increasing the phone calls and postcards until Senator Ball cannot
deny that his constituents want him to vote for marriage.  This is
a crucial time for the district and for all of New York.  Dozens
of organizers and thousands of volunteers across the state are
talking to voters, listening to stories, and letting legislators
know that NOW is the time to vote for all of New York’s

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