Doesn’t Your Family Deserve to Be Front + Center?

Let me guess.

If you have young children, you’ve probably been up since
sunrise. You have made breakfasts, packed lunches, combed hair,
scrambled to find a favorite book, maybe wiped a nose or tears. You
have put away dishes, cleaned up an accident or two, blown kisses.
And you’ve done all this – and performed a dozen other feats of
everyday parenting – before rush hour.

In short, you rock. Because next to its many rewards
let’s face it: parenthood is messy, time-consuming and

Have you ever wondered, though, how much simpler life
would be as an LGBT parent if – on top of it all – you didn’t
have to climb mountains just for the right to BE a parent, or to
secure basic protections for your children and family?

Rick Santorum, former Pennsylvania Senator and a possible
presidential candidate, recently boasted of
telling a lesbian that parenting was a privilege, not a
.  But LGBT parents have got parenting on lock!

Clearly, we will all continue to have to work harder.
We need to rally the time – and resources
– to put our
families and our rights
Front + Center
in the national agenda.

We’re used to working harder though. We’re parents. And work
harder we must, because we are LGBT parents