Family Equality’s 2011 Interns, Part 4

Introducing Brittany Rehmer, Family Equality Council’s 2011
Development Intern:

My name is Brittany Rehmer and I am Family Equality
Council’s Development Intern, working under Leigh Whiting Jones’
supervision. I studied journalism and political science at Boston
University. I discovered the Family Equality Council internship
through and when I found out FEC was the organization
behind Provincetown’s Family Week, I was hooked. A long time
frequenter of Cape Cod’s happiest little town, I knew this
opportunity was the perfect one for me. I help maintain Family
Equality Council’s blog, contribute to the monthly newsletter,
and assist the development team with various tasks in order to
maintain relationships with constituents and corporate sponsors. I
hope to become a family lawyer in the future and the exposure to
the various challenges faced by LGBT families is preparing me to
tackle the policies that need the most change. In pursuing law, I
hope to help all families achieve the same recognition and equality
that I strongly believe they deserve.