Landmark Study in South Carolina

Equality South
recently released the preliminary
of a landmark study of over 1,000 of the estimated
117,000 LGBT people living in the Palmetto State. According to the
survey 23% of respondents are parents, while the number of
transgender South Carolinians that are parents climbs to 31%.

Many of the respondents reported experiencing harassment and
discrimination due to their sexual orientation or gender identity:
30% reported experiencing employment discrimination, while 55%
reported experiencing homophobia, transphobia, or harassment in a
public establishment.

Family Equality Council thanks Equality South Carolina for their
incredible work. There is little data on the lives, experiences,
and demographics of LGBT people and their families in the United
States. Studies like this one show the country that LGBT families
are living and raising children in everywhere and that it’s
critical that we gain legal protections for all LGBT families.