Paid Sick Leave

Today I attended a coalition meeting on the importance of paid seek
leave. The meeting focused on the need to bring a diverse group of
voices – including those of public health professionals,
women’s and LGBT advocacy organizations – to the table to
advocate for paid sick leave.

As many of our families know, paid sick leave is critical to a
family’s health. It allows workers to take off time to care for
children or elderly parents and most importantly, it gives
employees the crucial time to heal at home without having to come
to work sick. Unfortunately, millions of American workers do not
have access to any paid sick leave, forcing families to send sick
children to school or leave loved ones home alone without proper

Family Equality Council, along with dozens of other LGBT, labor,
health, and education organizations, is advocating for the Healthy
Families Act, a federal bill that would require employers to give
all workers a minimum of seven full paid sick days each year. This
leave could be used if the worker himself is sick or if he needs to
stay home with a sick child or family member. The definition of
family under the Health Families Act is broad, including spouses,
partners, children, parents, and all family members related by
blood or affinity.

FEC is proud to be working on such an important issue along so many
of our hardworking, dedicated partner organizations. Learn more
about the Healthy Families Act at