Family Matters: The Smiths, an Old-Fashioned Nuclear Family

The vignette below is part of Family Equality Council’s
“Family Matters,” a storytelling series that highlights LGBT
parenting. Here is the Smith family, in their own words.

My family is not LGBT. We are actually an old fashioned
nuclear family. Mom, Dad, 2 kids and a dog. We got married before
we lived together, then had our kids. This is why I think it’s even
more important to speak up. These ridiculous laws purport to
“protect” my family. I must ask, from what? We are in no danger. If
a LGBT family moves in down the block, legally married or not, so
what? I just hope they are nice, and mow thier lawn regularily. LOL
Seriously, I, and many like me, fully support stable healthy
families of any configuration.