Live Blogging Bono Mack v. Pougnet Debate

opening statements…

Mack: We need jobs, President’s stimulus is accomplishing little;
government too big; “deeply concerned” about the direction this
President and this Congress is taking the country

Debate begins…

Question about fiscal responsibility.

[Video/audio problems]

Discussing jobs, jobs, jobs

War in Iraq, Afghanistan

Pougnet: Time to brings troops home by Thanksgiving
Mack attacks, says how dare he disagree with Gen. Petraeus

immigration reform….

Mack: My opponent believes in amnesty… I believe in guest-worker

Pougnet: These 12 years under her [Mack’s] leadership, nothing has
happened on immigration… I do not support amnesty.

Marriage equality…

Mack: marriage left up to states; supports marriage ban; this is a
federal govt v states rights issue

[major video problems, of course at this moment]

Pougnet: My opponent did not answer the question. I support the
decision by the judge in Prop 8.

Discussing NYC mosque…

10:20pm EST: Closing statements